April 27, 2013, Saturday


27 Box jumps (24″)
20 Burpees
11 Squat cleans (65#)



May 2, 2012, Wednesday

Part A

20 Back Squat (65% 1RM):  115#

5×5 Push Press:  65#

Part B

100 Double Unders for time:  100 Untimed


Did about 6 or 7 unbroken Double Unders.  Watching the feet is key.  When I don’t look at my feet, I’m not synching the rope with my jump.  Looking at my feet and seeing how high I’m jumping cues my mind to adjust the speed of the rope.  Another small adjustment that should make a big difference.

Need to figure out though if this will lead to bad form. If I need to watch the feet, that indicates lack of body awareness as to how high I’m jumping.

April 30, 2012, Monday


1000 m Row

50 Thrusters @ 45#

30 Pull Ups:  Offset 80#


Score:  13:45


Almost did 20 Thrusters unbroken.  After that, it was partitioned into sets of 5 to 7.  Really need to learn kipping Pull Ups.  The Pull Ups have been the dealbreaker for Rx.  Can work on doing Fran and Helen as Rx if I can do Pull Ups.  Of the three, Jackie will probably be the first Rx I can conceivably do since it has the least Pull Ups.  Fran has 45, and Helen has 36.  However, they’re spread across 3 rounds, so there is a time for rest.