April 26, 2012, Thursday

2000 m Run

2000 m Row

2000 m Run


Score = 29:43


Huge breakthrough today.  Goal was to do this WOD sub-30:00.  Last score was 36:35.  Better technique during the row definitely made a difference.  Slowing down on the Recovery was key.  Drive:Recovery ratio should be around 1:3.  Slowing down during the Recovery allows you to catch your breath and gather more strength for a harder Drive.  This all makes sense since you don’t gain distance during the Recovery, only during the Drive.

Running could have been better.  Still getting used to running in the XF-210’s.  Since there’s almost no cushioning, it was difficult to just slam the foot down without regard to form.  Had to focus on landing on the midfoot instead of heel.


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