April 23, 2012, Monday



100 ft Walking Lunge (45/35):  25# (First 75 ft with 45#)
30 Box Jumps (24/20):  24
20 Wall Balls (20/14):  14#
10 HSPU:  Pike push ups on box


Score:  38:54


Wall Balls were much better when focusing on using the hips to drive the ball up.  Need to try Karen with 14#.


Also need to reverse the rhythm on the box jumps.  Need to think of the top of the box as the starting position and minimize the amount of energy expended jumping up.  Think of it as a bounce up instead.


April 9, 2012, Monday



800 m Run

30 Squat Cleans(95/65):  75#

30 Pull Ups:  Black Band


Score:  50:49


Lost focus on last round of Squat Cleans.  Hands not always outside of knees.  On the shoulder rack, need to make sure to roll weight off grip into the shoulders.  Hold weight with fingers instead of full grip to avoid load on wrist.